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           New Products
              KS-L LCD Screen Flash Light
              P-A Digital Flash Light
              TL-IV Series Continuous Light
              LED Light
              S-BA/EA Digital Flash Light
              S-BL/EL LCD Screen Flash
              FA-L Screen Flash Light
              IV Series Digital Flash Light
              N Professional Studio Flash Light
              IV-90 Digital Flash Light
              TL Series Easy Folded Soft Box
              N-A Professional Studio Flash Light
              LED-144 Photo/Video Light
           Studio Flash Light
              KW Studio Flash Light
              KY Studio Flash Light
              F Studio Flash Light
              AA Studio Flash Light
              KK Studio Flash Light
              KS Studio Flash Light
              KS-A Studio Flash Light
              KS-L LCD Screen Flash Light
              FA Studio Flash Light
              FA-A Studio Flash Light
              FA-L LCD Screen Flash Light
              EM-B/E Studio Flash Light
              FA-M Professional Studio Flash Light
              FA-AM Studio Flash Light
           Studio Flash Light Kit
              KW Studio Flash Light Kit
              KY Studio Flash Light Kit
              F Studio Flash Light Kit
              AA Studio Flash Light Kit
              KK Studio Flash Light Kit
              KS Studio Flash Light Kit
              KS-A Studio Flash Light Kit
              KS-L LCD Screen Flash Light Kit
              FA Studio Flash Light Kit
              FA-A Studio Flash Light Kit
           Digital Flash Light
              SM Digital Flash Light
              SMD Digital Flash Light
              FST Portable Flash Light
              SD E-umbrella Lights
              SM-A Digital Flash Light
              SM-B Digital Flash Light
              P Digital Flash Light
              P-A Digital Flash Light
              S-B/E Digital Flash Light
              S-BA/EA Digital Flash Light
              S-BL/EL LCD Screen Flash
              Whirlwind Digital Flash Light
              E-B/E Digital Flash Light
              IV Series Digital Flash Light
           Digital Flash Light Kit
              SM Digital Flash Light Kit
              SMD Digital Flash Light Kit
              FST\SXD\SD Kit
              SM-A Digital Flash Light Kit
              SM-B Digital Flash Light Kit
              P Digital Flash Light Kit
              P-A Digital Flash Light Kit
              S-B/E Digital Flash Light Kit
              S-BA/EA Digital Flash Light Kit
              S-BL/EL LCD Screen Flash Kit
              Whirlwind Digital Flash Light Kit
           Continuous Lighting
              SXD Photography Light
              SL Solar Lights
              QL Quartz Lamp
              TL Trichromatic Soft Lights
              TL Lamp Holder
              TL-IV Series Continuous Light
              DZ Mili Continous Light
              JND Energy Saving Lamp
              QGD Tungsten Filament Spotlight
              WTD Stage Light
              KR Easy Folded Soft Box
           Continuous Lighting Kit
              Quartz Lamp Light Kit(Type I)
              Quartz Lamp Light Kit(Type II)
              TL Fluorescent Light Kit
              TL-IV Series Continuous Light Kit
              DZ Mili Continous Light Kit
              KR Easy Folded Soft Box Kit
           LED Photo/Video Light
              LED Light
              C-64 Photo/Video Light
              C-144 Photo/Video Light
              LED-144 Photo Light
              C-160S Photo/Video Light
              C-160B Photo/Video Light
              LED-600S LED Panels
              LED-600B LED Panels
              LED-VL-380A Studio Light
              LED-VL-380B Studio Light
              LED-3200S LED Panels
              LED-3200D LED Panels
              T-500L Studio Light
              SK-1000L LED Studio Light
           LED Photo/Video Light Kit
              YKQ Wireless Remote Control Trigger
              RGX Soft Box
              FGB Reflective Plate
              FGS Reflective Umbrella & RGS Soft Umbre
              DJ Light Stand
              FCZ Honeycomb Cover & SGT Beam Light
              LG Track Of Ceiling
              PST Still Life Shooting
              FGZ Reflectors
              DX Digital Photography Light Box
              LP Shed
              SJQ Manual Background Rise And Fall Syst
              BJ Electric Background Stand
              F Accessories For Flash Guns
              RGZ Soft Screen & GGS Advertisement Umbr
           Camera Fittings
              KMX Remote Shutter Release
           Studio Accessories
              SGG Flashing Lights
              DP Style Bulbs
              DYX Power Line
              TBX Synchronous Line
              DYB Power Pack
              CDQ Chargers
              Studio Kit Bags
           Photo Background
              Dyed Gauze
              Dyed Muslin Backdrop
              Photo Background
              DJ-BJ Backdrop Kit
           Photography Adornment
           Other Products
            TEl: 0769-85924988
            FAX: 0769-85905228
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          KW Studio Flash Light
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